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Majority of business or technical leaders in an organization always share lack of confidence on quality of their application. They believe testing is taking much longer than it should and fail to understand value added by the testing team with defects being leaked beyond that stage.

At Xebia, our focus is to work with stakeholders to establish right “Testing Strategy” which ensures that stakeholders have confidence in quality which is supported by real-time KPI reporting, test automation is utilized

effectively with right test pyramid to reduce time and effort spent on testing and value is visible by reducing the cost of quality.

From strategy to implementation, Xebia's Digital Assurance practice is consulting partner for all testing needs. Our teams have been working with customers on their new technology or architecture adoptions and are very sought after for following:


Reliability, availability, security & integrity.

Automation Engineering

Right solution, scalable and ROI driven

Smart Regression

Testing more than needed

Chaos Engineering

Application sustainability during unexpected conditions

Test Data Management

Right data made available in right format at right time

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Digital Assurance Services & Solutions in the USA

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