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Webinar : Test Automation Strategies in Agile World

Listen Vikas Mittal, Global President - Digital Assurance at Xebia, to learn Test Automation Strategies in an Agile World.

Who should listen to Webinar recording: Scrum Masters, Quality Assurance professional, Agile Coaches, Technical Coaches, Project Managers, and anyone interested in understanding Digital Assurance. Agile Development and Continuous Delivery are rapidly becoming the de facto standard for software development. The key business driver behind these initiatives: delivering new functionality to your customers faster. This is easy to state in theory but much harder to achieve in practice: the level of quality of your services must be maintained! If your system goes down once a week every week, your customers are unlikely to be happy.

In order to realize the desired business goals of Agile and Continuous Delivery, it is thus essential that entire team – developers, testers, and the business – have a highly accurate, near real-time measure of the risk and quality associated with the features in your delivery pipeline. This calls for extensive and accurate testing. In fact, making testing the central component of your delivery process is the most critical challenge that teams need to address. .

Webinar - Understanding The Role of Product Owner (Beyond Value Maximizer)

Key Takeaways

  • Different stances of a Product Owner
  • Defining value?
  • How value is calculated?

Webinar - Creating the Scrum Team with Right Personalities

Do you know that there are 17 kinds of people in the world? Understanding these 17 personalities is the key to manage a team or organization efficiently.

In this webinar on with Ajay Kabra, Senior Director, XACT (Agile Transformation CoE) to learn

  • About different personalities that exist in the World
  • How personalities impact behavior and discussions
  • How to choose the right personality for your organization or team?
  • Practical application discussion via a Case Study

Xebia Webinar - Become a Remote Work Partner For Your Organisation

If you want to know how to adapt yourself effectively to the new normal, then join us for this webinar today with Saumil Sharma and Shivangi Chakravarty, Product Management Consultants at Xebia, to learn about effective ways to make work from home productive.


  • Effective ways to make WFH productive
  • Embracing the new normal
  • Stop looking at work and life as a dichotomy

Xebia - Virtual Meetup on Remote Agility

Here are the topics we discussed in this meetup:

  • #Topic 1 - Mindset switch for remote working by Yogayta Mehlani, Independent Project Management Consultant
  • #Topic 2 - Enabling Agile Manifesto In Remote Agility, Anusuya Devi, Agile Coach/ Scrum Master at Xebia
  • #Topic 3 - Role Of Product Owner To Manage Agile Transformations Remotely by Mayank Mahajan, product Management Senior Consultant, Infosys
  • #Topic 4 - Unlock Your Potential Through Mindful Engagement, by Shweta Shukla - QA manager for Syncsort

Xebia Webinar Week - Do we need a new strategy to test MicroServices architecture

Sharing knowledge is within Xebia’s DNA. That is why we offer a series of free webinars to share best practices and give concrete guidelines as an answer to current business questions. Why should you watch this webinar? Microservices are the hottest topic in the technology world today, Companies are working to decouple their monolithic applications due to needing for improved flexibility, increased scalability, and quicker deployments.

But at the same time, there are many open questions in every Technical Architect's, CTO's, VP Engineering’s mind. Are microservices right for my company?

  • How do I know If our teams, business is ready to embrace this new technical architecture, and what does 'ready' look like?
  • What are the best practices, learning from others which can ensure a smooth journey as we move towards Microservices?
  • Testing Approach for Microservices is even more complex to define. A lot of teams treat it like just another API project to test and miss critical aspects which can make such an initiative a success.
We’ll also cover:
  • Architecture Designs for microservices
  • Strategies to test microservices
  • Overview of tools and services for microservices testing

Xebia Webinar Week - Data Strategy A precursor for organizations embarking on Digital Transformation

SA Data Strategy is probably the most underrated word in the data and analytics space. A synonym for planning, most of the organization feel that they either know already what they want or worst, in most of the cases, the IT function decides on behalf of the entire organization. Most of the firms feel its a discussion regarding which emerging technology to implement. There's more to Data Strategy than meets the eye.

This activity, if not done right it can lead to huge capital investment without significant results, lack of harmony between the business units and the IT function, and attrition among the employees to name a few.

Prashant Shekhar is a technology consultant in the field of data and analytics with 14 years of experience in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. He is presently working as Director - Big Data and AI with Xebia Global Services

Xebia Webinar Week - Going Cloud Native with Google Cloud

Hosted by Laurence De Jong Senior Technical Consultant - Xebia Sharing knowledge is within Xebia’s DNA. That is why we offer a series of free webinars to share best practices and give concrete guidelines as an answer to current business questions.

Google Cloud has different options for going Cloud Native. There is Compute Engine, Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Run, and App Engine.

  • Which engine should one choose to go Google Cloud native?
  • Compute Engine, Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Run or App Engine
  • What are their pros and cons?
  • How to make your application stateless?
We will talk about a couple of the services available in the Google Cloud and how we can use them to make your application stateless.

Laurence De Jong has worked for Xebia for three years and recently moved to India. He's a Software Engineer at heart and always cares about improving the developer experience. Laurence is most comfortable in Go and Python and prefers to develop Cloud Native.

Xebia Webinar Week - Building a modern platform with Kubernetes

Hosted by DevOps Experts Shekhar Gulati, CTO - Xebia, and Akshay Mathur Principal Consultant - Xebia Sharing knowledge is within Xebia’s DNA. That is why we offer a series of free webinars to share best practices and give concrete guidelines as an answer to current business questions. Why should you watch this webinar?

We at Xebia strongly believe Kubernetes is the future for building modern enterprise-scale platforms. This talk will answer the following questions:

  • Why Kubernetes is the right choice for building an enterprise platform?
  • How to choose a Kubernetes distribution?
  • How to navigate the Kubernetes ecosystem that is full of choices?
  • What does it take to build an enterprise-scale platform?
Shekhar Gulati is CTO at Xebia. With 15 years of experience in technology consulting and Agile software development, he has also worked as a technology evangelist for Red Hat. An acclaimed and sought after speaker at many domestic and international conferences on cloud-related technologies he has authored several bestselling books on technology.

Akshay Mathur is a software architect with 14 years of product engineering experience, has recently co-presented a talk on 'Kubernetes in production' at Kubernetes Forum Delhi and co-conducted a 4 hour deep dive workshop on Kubernetes at NASSCOM NATC summit last year.

Xebia Webinar Week - Lean Software Development In Agile

Sharing knowledge is within Xebia’s DNA. That is why we offer a series of free webinars to share best practices and give concrete guidelines as an answer to current business questions. Why should you watch this webinar? It is paramount for an organization to understand how to reduce waste in a system and producing higher value for the final customer.

Lean is all about creating more value for customers with fewer resources. The core focus of lean is to vigorously identify and eliminate wastes. Lean development is focused on removing waste from a system and improving value for the customer

  • 7 Principles of Lean SW Development
  • Management Role in Lean SW Development
  • Learning the Concept of GEMBA
  • Mapping Lean into Agile Scrum

Ajay is a Senior Director – Agile Transformation Coach at Xebia with over 30+ years of extensive experience in Agile Scrum, project delivery, project/program management & quality processes. He has been involved in driving and implementing and transformations of organizations using Agile and Quality and Process Improvement initiatives.

Ajay is a regular blogger and blogs on off-topics related to Agile (though the focus in not Agile), but always on the softer side of Agile. His blogs are published at Scrum Alliance websites
Ajay participates in community service by providing free mentoring program, which runs for about 12 weeks with an effort input of about 60 Hrs, this helps the aspiring Scrum Masters and Product Owners to develop the skills required for the industry

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