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Case Study: The Agile Route To Fast Banking

An international investment banking and financial services institution


An international investment banking and financial services institution was aiming to establish pioneering, fast-paced digitization of several of their initiatives, but were faced with a variety of challenges and roadblocks.

Xebia assisted to establish a robust set of engineering and management practices to bootstrap the program. There was a need identified for cultivating a culture of collaboration amongst mutually dependent business units, and a more empathetic, responsive governance model to ease the growing pains that came along with it. Xebia implemented the rapid adoption of leading-edge technologies (robotic process automation, blockchain, machine learning, react.js). This resulted in a lead time reduction of 60% and saved the effort (time) by almost 7500 hours per annum.

Does your ecosystem also need the adoption of the latest technologies at a faster pace and increase collaboration? To learn more about the journey, approach and challenges download the case study. To know more contact us at infoindia@xebia.com

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