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Case Study - Agile Transformation

State of Agility Report - 2019

The 1st annual State of Agile survey 2019 was conducted between April to Oct 2019. The survey invited individuals from a broad range of industries in the global software development & non software development industries and was promoted far beyond Xebia’s customer base. 3000+ full responses were collected, analyzed, and represented in this report. Only 17% of the respondents were Xebia’s customers, indicating the range and diversity of respondents.

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Magazine Agile QueXt

Agile Quext is a magazine to inspire and inform you throughout your professional Agile journey achieving Agility. AGILE Quext delivers visionary as well as practical insights and guidance. Making Agility work, is the only way to survive as a company and to stay relevant as a professional. What’s your next step in developing agility? What would challenge you to go even further?

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Transforming Teams From Waterfall To AGILE In 6 Weeks Using DOJO

A leading telecommunications giant ( A Fortune 100 Company) from the US with over 100 million wireless customers, approached Xebia to run short 6 week coaching & mentoring programs for a development team, Scrum Master and Product Owner. The client wanted to up-skill their IT staff and enable them to deliver better quality software. Instead of training teams on each and every practice, they wanted them to learn to deliver increments of their existing product by incorporating agile and Devops practices.

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Driving Value Through Quality and Automation

An international investment banking and financial services institution was aiming to establish pioneering, fast-paced digitization of several of their initiatives, but were faced with a variety of challenges and roadblocks. Xebia assisted to establish a robust set of engineering and management practices to bootstrap the program. There was a need identified for cultivating a culture of collaboration amongst mutually dependent business units, and a more empathetic, responsive governance model to ease the growing pains that came along with it.

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