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Agile Quext is a magazine to inspire and inform you throughout your professional Agile journey achieving Agility. AGILE Quext delivers visionary as well as practical insights and guidance.

Making Agility work, is the only way to survive as a company and to stay relevant as a professional. What’s your next step in developing agility? What would challenge you to go even further?

Agile performance management is the next step in developing agility. It’s how an (Agile) organization quickly and efficiently aligns, executes, and re-configures its strategy—from management down to individual team members, and vice versa. It's how organizations will survive and thrive, today and tomorrow. By striking the right balance between value creation and organizational development:

  • Alignment and Autonomy
  • Stability and Dynamism
  • Performance-focused culture and People-focused culture
  • Performing and Learning

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